What Exactly Is HIKE4evolution?


Each human has an innate, natural, powerful ability to live, create and function at extraordinary levels–unfettered by social, cultural and ideological dogmas, conventions, expectations and constraints.  At HIKE4evolution, this amazing gift is called your “Pristine Program.”  This remarkable, energetic impetus to “be” and express all that life offers you is programmed into your DNA.  It is your birthright!  So, seize it, claim it, and express it . . . all the time.

HIKE4evolution consists of a diverse array of cutting-edge biofeedback and neuro-feedback processes, combined with widely accepted acupuncture, oriental medicine, emotional release, and wisdom practices from around the world.  These tools used in a self-regulation manner open blocked neural pathways, help to create new ones, increase their resonant frequencies and harmonic relationships, correct the wrong chemistry in the brain, activate powerful glia cells, strengthen the body’s immune system and expand the body’s energy field and flow.  Together this unique combination of tools creates a powerful synergy within the mind / brain / body’s energy system that increases the capacity to function with greater alertness, vitality, and stamina.

HIKE4evolution has been described from a variety of perspectives as:

  • A fast pathway promoting human evolution.
  • A scientific method of achieving optimal performance by developing our highest potential as humans.
  • The powerful integration of scientifically grounded psycho-neuronal-immune-physiological processes with both the ancient wisdom of deep awareness and the self-regulation of the subtle energies of the body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit.
  • The customized integration of matter, energies, and connection with “the beyond,” which enables us to fully “live” our true life-mission.
  • A system of human development that allows us to become ALL we really can “BE,”

Regardless of which of these diverse descriptions you prefer, HIKE4evolution is comprehensive, integrated, synergistic, beneficial, and powerful.  The latter results have been confirmed by U.S. neuro scientists that were initially skeptical.

This learning system expands people’s psycho-physiological potentials and significantly elevates their life performance, success and fulfillment by:

  • Elevating and improving brain functioning.
  • Expanding mind/body perception and awareness.
  • Improving capacity for self-monitoring and regulation.
  • Reducing customary triggers of emotional frustration and reaction.
  • Strengthening immune system and physiological functioning.

In this elevated empowered state it is easy for people to:

  • Joyfully and harmoniously interact with the world in their daily lives.
  • Make clearer, better decisions.
  • Achieve greater personal and professional success.
  • Attain their highest performance capacities and levels of health, and wellness.
  • Strengthen their long-term personal vitality, wellbeing, and inner growth . . .

. . . all of which make “personal best” a natural and sustainable goal.

Specifically, the HIKE4evolution system’s significant benefits include:

  • Greater cognitive focus and the ability to remain purposefully on task.
  • Broader and increased attention span, achieved through processes that engage and harmonize both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Improved learning and memory, achieved through connecting, balancing and harmonizing the physiology of both the brain and heart.
  • Enhanced quality of social interactions and teamwork, achieved through electro-dermal response training.
  • Reduced stress, achieved through sustaining the healthy resonance and physiology of the frontal brain-heart-immune system response.
  • Higher productivity, achieved through aligning personal values and priorities with one’s brain-heart resonance.
  • Increased freedom from societal stresses that undermine and destroy inner peace.
  • Increased creativity, innovation, and flexibility in all aspects of one’s life.

As long as practitioners are:

  • Serious about reaching their full potential over the long term.
  • Seekers of deep inner wisdom and growth.
  • Open and ready to new experiences, insights, information and points of view.
  • Willing to see and act beyond familiar social, cultural and religious conventions.
  • Committed to the long-term daily practice of HIKE’s simple, essential preparatory and follow-up exercises
  • Able to function satisfactorily in their daily lives
  • Beyond blaming others for their challenges and setbacks