Psycho-Physiological Exercises

The physical body is only one aspect of us as human beings. However, in that physical structure lies the fundamental concept that we are made up of many systems that interact together in balance. For example, every external physical action is created by a perfect circuit of muscle-nervous-chemistry and sometimes intention.  It is well known how to train muscle fibers for efficient actions. But behind all that is more than just the chemical correlations of proteins, gases as O2, CO2, etc., elements as K, Na, Mg, etc., opening and closing membrane channels.  There is one energy that is paramount in the result: the electricity.  Electric alternating currents are in neuron cells, those actions in analogic language as cord-phones, and direct potentials in glias cells which act similar to cell phones.  Optimal and exceptional performance requires the best interactions between amplitude in the electric brainwaves and the quality of the chemistry circulating in the neuronal-immune system pathways.

Today, modern science understands that we have a complex physiology. On the surface, it appears that some areas of the nervous system seem specialized to start, sustain, and/or stop the body’s activity. However, it is not only important that signals come from the correct area of the brain, but also the quality of brainwave frequency that is generated and the chemistry that is released in the synapses.

Those factors also correlate with the electro-magnetic field in which the glias cells maneuver, in collaboration with the cerebellum, and with respect to the electro-magnetic planetary field in which we are immersed.  Beyond all these aspects of the physical body, we cannot ignore that the energies in the universe have a broad spectrum beyond the narrow band that we are taught and perceive as light (red to violet).

To have an “act” with this physical body is a complex alignment of our entire being.  Ideally, it is lead by intention and inner clarity so that we may choose what we really want for ourselves in harmony with the world around us.  This is facilitated by opening our perception and aligning ourselves with wisdom.

We can influence neurochemistry through facial movements (a simple smile), also by the rhythm of special exercises (endorphins in gym practices), and the quality of breath (hyperventilation, diaphragmatic, etc.), plus learned heart rate variability to facilitate a healthy personal cadence during our actions.  We can become owners of our neurochemical flow instead of slaves to it.

The exercises presented in HIKE4evolution are not simple physical repetitions.  They are psycho-physical exercises that involve engaging the mind, the physiology and your personal ‘intent’ in awareness: your purpose of to grow and evolve.

 Exercises are acts of bringing into joyful play the art of building inner energetic bridges, which facilitate connections among the multi-dimensional human bodies