Pioneers in the Field

David Paperny, MD, FAAP, FSAM, ASCHc, BCIA-EEG

His life as medical doctor in the Vietnam War brought him to the inner light of searching for meaning in human evolution. After adopting a child in Vietnam, he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, served as psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and provided expert assessment on child protection issues. He then wrote a book about adolescent education.  As a gay medical doctor, while president of the Academy of Medicine, he received an award for his impeccable behavior in pushing frontiers in medicine with Tapping research.  During the next decade he was the equal partner of Dr. Liana Mattulich in presentations at national and international conferences about Human Evolution and the methodology used with feedback technology. His humor, capacity to transmit information, and adaptability to multiple environments was highly appreciated by Liana, as were his classes as a master of Hula Dance with his ability to convey deep meaning in all the storylines of his movements.  When faced with a difficult terminal illness, he decided to die while embraced with the love of his family, adopted son and grandchildren in Vietnam. We honor his presence, wisdom, and always his original smile…

Edgar Wilson, M.D.

Edgar Wilson, M.D., a physician and founder of the Colorado Association for Psychophysiologic Research, did research on brain states correlated with states of consciousness for fifteen years.  He was especially interested in the transcendent and dissociative states and for 3 years before his death in November 1993, had been considering the effects of brain-based learning technologies on such states.  He was the first in the United States to ‘prove’ the existence of gamma brain waves (126 Hertz at Temporal areas) with a Lexicor neurofeedback device.

From The Transits of Consciousness, by Edgar S. Wilson in Subtle Energies – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Energetic and Information Interactions, Volume 4, No.2, 1993.

The HIKE4evolution device used in this current system is the most cutting edge equipment that can measure his discovery with ease.

Elmer Green, Ph.D. and Alyce Green, M.A.

In 1964, Elmer Green, Ph.D. and his wife Alyce, cofounded a research program called Biological Feedback for Psychophysiologic Self-Regulation, at the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas. Within ten years this program included educational workshops for professionals and clinical applications for patients.

In 1966, Elmer “trained” the first group of research subjects in blood flow control in the hands, and later founded, with his wife and with colleague Dale Walters, Ph.D., the Menninger Voluntary Controls Program for biofeedback research, education, and clinical treatment.

Alyce M. Green, M.A. personally “trained” the majority of the early research subjects and was the first clinical director of the newly formed Biofeedback and Psychophysiological Center. Both of the Greens are recognized world-wide as the first pioneers of Biofeedback research and application.

From Beyond Biofeedback, Knoll Publishing Company, Inc. Copyright 1977 by Elmer and Alyce Green.

Ida De’Urriola

Born in Panama, Ida manifested from youth the spirit of freedom beyond awareness, with an innate wisdom rooted in cosmic values.  The perfect cadence of her movements and synchronistic vivencias made her a master of immune response in the physical body.  Fighting entropy in all circumstances in the USA was her vision, and we honor her – whatever her journey is now.  Tired of being mired in the bureaucratic papers of immigration that made her life in the US chaotic, she went home to her country some time ago and has since passed on.  A real master of wisdom in human evolution was lost to this community, and because her work was not documented formally, opportunities for working with the immune response at that level are gone forever.  We honor her with our highest Mahalo.

Juan Leal

Man of wisdom, focused on the evolutionary transformation of the human BEING, he developed personally as a professional, father, teacher, friend and lecturer. Juan was born in Argentina and stood out for his achievements in Electronic Engineering, and in studies of the transformation of consciousness and inner alchemy based on the teachings of Gurdjieff’s 4th way, in Florida, USA. In his style, he gave frequent practices with exercises and physical movements of Dynamic Synchronicity -this is how he named them- personal senso-perceptions, with breathing techniques, which pointed towards the synchrony and Bio-Psycho-Energetic balance for the integral development of the Self: a State of Presence in Totality. His practices of self-observation and conscious personal feedback, with the mind focused on realizing the different states and reactions of behavior in daily life, allowed us to achieve non-reaction to those states, and to remember ourselves at all times. To elaborate spaces of inner silence of knowledge of the Self, la Mismidad as he called it, were based on real experiences, vivencias, obtained from personal practices with his topics. As a lecturer, he focused on that informative quality and his presence projected impeccability with command of word, mind and body, with unconditional love for the human being and a great sense of humor. His physical presence is no longer with us, but the great mark of his teachings, his legacy of wisdom and contribution in the pathway of self-transformation and human evolution definitely is, which is why we are honored to offer Juan Leal our highest GRATITUDE.

Judith Lubar

Judith was an icon worldwide in the field of feedback. She understood different cultures and spoke many languages. Her research in the genetic relationships of families with children with ADD and ADHD illustrated the importance of training psychophysiological adaptations and changes in early times of life in order to modify human behavior and somatic realities. Together with Dr. Liana Mattulich she started the LABA foundation (Latin America Biofeedback Association) in the past century, where she was the first president. She passed away a few years ago, and this is our honor and infinite ‘Mahalo’ to a brilliant professional, impeccable woman, and a light-house beacon of wisdom and tolerance forever in this human species.

Kim Davidson, OMD

The perfection of the use of acupuncture needles for human evolution used by Kim in conjunction with the sounds of metallic Tibetans bowls during the retreat-times of the system years ago will be difficult to surpass. Her constant smile and fast response to any detail needed, always, was memorable.  Her life finished early in Montana, USA, but some beings of light are here to embrace the opportunity to enjoy sharing time with people capable of understanding their highest value, without procrastinating possibilities for socio-cultural reasons.  We honor here the few years we were able to enjoy her and give the sincerest Mahalo.