Local centers are where the HIKE4evolution (Human Inner Keys for Evolution) system is taught one on one, in groups, seminars, conference and retreats. The pilot center is operating in Denver, Colorado, USA, but there are many affiliated centers all around the world, and growing…

At local centers, people can connect with HIKE4evolution mentors and instructors that will teach them the practical and scientific part of the system, working with a diverse array of cutting-edge Biofeedback and Neurofeedback processes, combined with ancient wisdom practices from around the world.

A local center is a physical branch of HIKE4evolution, a web-based global educational scientific-backed system that enables a fast pathway for human evolution. The online and in-person training process is aimed to achieve optimal performance by developing highest human potentials, promoting a new level of sustained wellness with higher and more efficient psycho-physiological functioning.

The HIKE system is organized in spirals of information, practices and tools that can be followed through an online multiplatform training method, as well as through personalized local SER Centers’ educational sessions, seminars and retreats.

Local centers are national or international centers wherein interested HIKE-ers can meet-up, practice together, support community evolvement, and strengthen their inner selves ultimately optimizing their lives. Currently there are local centers in Florida and Colorado. Centers in California, Puerto Rico, Panama, Chile, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Taiwan, Argentina and Colombia are currently in development. Weave yourself into the ever-evolving web, a buckyball of aware and awake individuals who are working for the evolution of themselves, of humanity, and of the planet.

Denver, Colorado
Self-Leadership Center

Dallas Hawkes




Lakewood, Colorado
Self-Leadership Center

Alistair Hawkes