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Life in modern societies has evolved dramatically over the past decades along two parallel, but potentially conflicting, paths.  The first is the literal explosion of sophisticated, hand-held technologies that enable almost anyone to access information about anything from anywhere at any time from an ever-expanding knowledge base to advance their formal learning, personal fulfillment, and quality of life.

The second is the desire of growing numbers of people to expand and utilize their psycho-physiological potential to the fullest in all aspects of their lives–sometimes through the use of these technologies–but without hitting “the techno-saturation wall” and sacrificing their overall well-being in the process.  Their expressed goals include:  reducing stress; enhancing their mind’s focus and functioning; being more creative in their careers and leisure pursuits; optimizing their mindfulness, imaginations, problem solving abilities, and everyday actions; and contributing productively to a harmonious, sustainable quality of life on the planet.

HIKE4evolution facilitates a harmonious state of being by providing a guided method to “awaken” and consciously use the human beings biological tools plus real-time computerized mind-body training that employs a variety of defined sounds and images, storylines, bi-hemispherical tasks, guided visualizations, breathing/heart protocols, and other approaches.  (In the techno-speak of the bio- and neurofeedback fields, these diverse processes include high gamma EEG, bi-lateral thermals, EDR, HRV and EMG feedback.)

These precisely applied, eclectic, personalized methodologies allow people to:  1) monitor their own physiological condition; 2) view real-time responses to changes in their intentions, emotional states, and behavior; and 3) consciously and intentionally organize and train the body’s own regulatory mechanisms–what HIKE4evolution calls “self-regulation.”

Because self-regulation naturally balances one’s physical health and frees the mind from emotional obstacles, it is the principal tool for developing personal empowerment and autonomy.  For example, HIKE4evolution’s three-plus decades of applied research shows that:

  • Self-regulation occurs when natural changes in the physiology are brought to an individual’s conscious awareness and are voluntarily monitored and modified within the context of his/her own mental-emotional climate/state.
  • Self-modulated neuro-endocrine changes allow optimized functioning of the mind, the cardiovascular system, and the immune system.
  • Self-modulated neuro-chemical changes create flexible attitudes and the effective selection of brain states that one can apply to any given task.

In short, self-regulation can open a quality of free choice for humanity that emerges when one’s evolving higher mind is in harmony with one’s psychophysiology.  The overall outcomes for individuals include improved mental focus and task performance, and a healthy, whole individual capable of high level, effective functioning in every way.  This state of optimal functioning cannot be achieved through the intention of the rational mind or ego alone.

HIKE4evolution documented benefits

By having the precise and scientific measurement of their awareness of “Self” that HIKE4evolution provides, users of the system gain the capacity to make more intelligent and beneficial choices in their lives–rather than unconsciously allowing actions and outcomes to be determined out of social pressures and/or mere habit.

This improvement in self-efficacy, orientations toward life, and life-affirming decision-making strengthens three key things:  1) professional performance and success; 2) long-term personal vitality, wellbeing, and inner growth; and 3) the joy of living life more fully, regardless of one’s age.  In addition, HIKE4evolution’s other significant benefits include:

  • Greater cognitive focus and the ability to remain purposefully on task.
  • Broader and increased attention span, achieved through processes that engage and harmonize both hemispheres of the brain.
  • Improved learning and memory, achieved through connecting, balancing and harmonizing the physiology of both the brain and heart.
  • Enhanced quality of social interactions and teamwork, achieved through electro- dermal response training.
  • Reduced stress, achieved through sustaining the healthy resonance and physiology of the frontal brain-heart-immune system response.
  • Higher productivity, achieved through aligning personal values and priorities with one’s brain-heart resonance.
  • Increased freedom from societal stresses that undermine and destroy inner peace.
  • Increased creativity, innovation, and flexibility in all aspects of one’s life.
  • Achieve inner development and consciousness expansion states in a short period of time that long-term meditators and practitioner such as monks in diverse denomination monasteries gain after many years of practice.

Activating our profound innate potential

HIKE4evolution is grounded on the knowledge that we all possess a template for empowered and enlightened living that is encoded in our DNA.  HIKE4evolution calls this innate encoding our Pristine Program–our uncontaminated “original self”–ready to express itself.  It’s our innate, genetic potential for optimal physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual human functioning.  The innate capacity of this program dramatically transcends the cultural assumptions that limit and constrain our human capacities.  Hence, when fully activated through the HIKE4evolution’s processes, the Pristine Program naturally enables people to discover and activate levels of health, creativity, awareness, and quality of life that far exceed their expectations and previous life experience.

However, a lifetime of intrusive experience clouds/modifies/distorts/inhibits this innate essence and generates emotional baggage that seriously encumbers the Pristine Program.  Happily, this innate potential for acute psycho-physiological awareness and performance can be re-engaged using the HIKE4evolution’s specific techniques that are supervised and guided by well trained professionals and experienced mentors.

Your HIKE4evolution Journey

Here is the entrance to the gate to Spiral 1. The system is organized in “spirals” or levels of multiplatform learning areas. You will always have access to a mentor, a guide who will answer any questions.

At this point you will receive instructions on the initial tool kit you will need for this level, and we will issue your HIKE4evolution access “key” to “start hiking.”

To learn more about the HIKE4Evolution system, please follow your highest guidance and begin the inner journey today! Spiral One is waiting for you. For only $99 you will receive guidance along your developmental path via presentations, scientific peer-reviewed articles on the importance and usefulness of biofeedback/neurofeedback education, daily practices that will propel you forward in your life, and videos that will support your personal growth by showing ways to do each of the practices. Spiral One will empower students to move into deeper levels of personal wellness and optimization.

Bon voyage and thank you for joining the path for an improved life and a better world!


HIKE4evolution team