HIKE4evolution Uniqueness:
Differences Between the Inner Work of
HIKE4evolution System and Other Methodologies.

The system is prepared to work with a broad range of people regardless of:

  • Age (the maximum benefit is for ages between 25 to 50 years).
  • Racial, ethnic and cultural background.
  • Religious background or personal views (open to a change of paradigm).

This system is prepared to work with a broad range of people who:

  • Have internal existential questions such as:
    • Who am I?
    • Why I am in this life?
    • How can I improve the quality on my life:  socially, familial, spiritually?
    • How can I more effectively help myself and others?
    • Is there an aspect of myself that I relegate, and am I willing to be more self-responsible?
  • Are seekers that understand the meaning of inner work, commitment and letting go of habitual attitudes.
  • Do not look for self-justifications to sustain a victim’s role.

Because this is an integrative inner work with simultaneous action in the human physiology, in the immune response, and in the energetic realms that people are, they self-modify and regulate new states, which are as individualized as their personal goals. Each outcome is different, as each person is unique in this planet as is their spectrum of possibilities. This system teaches efficient tools that biologically, mentally, and energetically activate each individual pathway.

The feedback equipment is a scientific mirror that reflects physiological states of being and facilitates quick growth in expertise and mastery of inner self-regulation, becoming a consistent, efficient inner state of being that supports the goals of each student in their personal pathway.

To work in front of a screen having the clear objective as measurement of physiological data, in real time, allows an efficient communication between the mind and body.  The experience of this communication leads to a clear path of fulfilling personal goals.  The instructions are by self-volunteer listening by the autonomic aspect of that being.

With that clear map of what direction to move on the flow of life, the introduction of the inner work by millenary metaphors are the focus for the mind to be in collaboration, giving the circulating chemistry the best emotion = metabolic formula of well-being.

Focus-mind is sustained by the metaphor during the time that the feedback signal creates a loop of learn-memory-stable state by personal will.

During the first 2-3 minutes of receiving feedback signals from the scientific machine, use your inner voice to clarify what is your will to achieve.

Close the eyes and focus on the text of the metaphor, allowing your body to learn the physiological work by the audio signal of the device.

During the last three minutes, call inside of you the emotion of gratitude from you to you.

Journal the experiences before you speak about them, to integrate as memories the pathways employed in the session.

The daily practices of short time-commitment exercises are the self-respect steps to engage quality of energies required to evolve in human potentials.

To re-evaluate habits that are self-destructive, or dispersant of focus and energies is an effort personal that students need to assume.

Bibliography, art practices, movements and wisdom methods are teaching ways to help an easy transformative self-path.