HIKE4Evolution offers unique programs and techniques of wellness in optimal performance, unlike anything being offered elsewhere in the world.

The HIKE4Evolution biofeedback devices are powerful tools to the developing and awakening of mankind.  It exceeds popular games by providing a training effect that is positive for the user’s health and daily success.

A well-established approach to these intentions is the use of biofeedback, which has a long-standing history of popularity in medical and personal growth venues.  It is practiced by professionals whose works are supported and promoted by three large, international organizations—Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, International Society of Neurofeedback and Research, and Biofeedback Foundation of Europe.

The biofeedback process involves learning to regulate one’s own body-mind system in ways that are personally beneficial.  With computer-aided technology, individuals monitor their own physiologic condition and see its real-time responses to their changes in behavior and intention, i.e. volitional, conscious regulation of oneself.  Behaviors identified as beneficial are then enjoyably practiced, for the purpose of organizing the body’s regulating mechanisms, which naturally balance the body toward health; the mind is free for tasks that require mental function, and the outcome is a high level of efficient functioning.

  • Biofeedback is used to measure body systems that tune, with congruity, a person’s energy— physical, mental, and emotional—into healthy efficient states.
  • Self-Regulation occurs when natural changes in the physiology are brought into an individual’s awareness and are voluntarily monitored and modified within their own mental-emotional climate/state.
  • Self-modulated neuronal-endochrine changes allow optimized functioning of the mind, the cardiovascular system, and the immune system.
  • Self-modulated neuronal-chemical changes create flexible attitude and effective selection of brain states to apply toward any given task.

Skills that the HIKE biofeedback system will help to build:

  •  Greater cognitive focus and the ability to remain on task by brainwaves training.
  • Broader attention and increased attention span by storyline that bring both hemispheres of the brain working together.
  • Improve learning and memory with brain-heart balance physiology.
  • Lowered reactivity with a concomitant enhancement in the quality of social behavior by electro dermal response.
  • Stress reduction is sustained by the body’s thermal response along with the mind engaged in healthy physiology.
  • High productivity in alignment with one’s personal values by brain-heart resonance.
  • Freedom from external cues that destroy the self-inner peace.
  • Creativity and innovation in personal life, work, social life and beyond.

The attained skills decrease feelings of hopelessness, depression, frustration and rage. These skills can naturally transform one’s being to a more effective level of healthy performance. Renewal in personal life enhances the physiological benefits of joy, which generate an abundance of energy and vitality.

The skill methods:

  • Self-regulation through the use of biofeedback and neurofeedback.
  • Breath and heart-rate techniques to organize body systems and increase awareness.
  • Exploration of body-mind exercises to improve psycho-physiological balance.
  • Symbolic archetypal endeavors to nurture unconscious aspects.
  • Art utilization to facilitate healthy shifts of perception and self-discovery.
  • Metaphors and synesthetic journeys to guide and expand self-regulation.
  • Sounds and music to enhance healthy neurochemistry.
  • Graphics to improve visualization and understanding of one’s physiological cues –keys and capacities.

Scientific research has documented the clinical efficacy of biofeedback and neurofeedback in areas as stress reduction, hypertension, pain, muscular dysfunction, and respiratory problems among others.  In educational and business settings it is a tool for developing optimal performance. One example is the Italian Soccer team who recently won the World Cup utilizing a number of biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques.

Biofeedback uses sensitive instruments to measure specific physiological processes. The person utilizes the meaningful audio-visual information as a guide –special mirror- to change and to self-regulate the physiological functions, such as heart rate, blood flow, skin conductivity, and neuromuscular re-education. Mind and body interact by the instant feedback information in awareness, and with practice the self-regulation states become a daily success.

When brainwave activity is recorded using sensors placed on the scalp, monitored and voluntarily modified in real time, this is called neurofeedback.

Biofeedback display helps individuals become aware of their internal processes and the connection between thoughts and actions. Confidence and competence are reinforced, the belief system is changed, and people start to explore other mind/body options.  A renewed sense of physical and mental well-being is experienced when people participate in feedback trainings.

Multi-modality and adjunctive approaches proven by evidence-based research, has established creative and professional systems of applications on interactive media.

Emotional involvement (non-chemistry based), investment in narrative, commitment to outcome and tele-presence (perception of interactive immersion) used with simple protocols, enhances the student’s sense of self and discovery.  When the user receives media-based rewards for improved performance in a given context, the neurochemistry attached to the positive mental states generated is reinforced; this allows them to sustain that new psycho-biologic state.

Metaphors and visual cues focus and redirect the mind, shifting psychological attitudes and it also affects moods.  Slow and deep breathing sends messages to the brain, which reduces the pressure in the small blood vessels and relaxes the surrounding muscles.  Imagery, sound, and metaphor have the ability to positively affect and re-direct the mind.

A pure thought itself affects change in the chemical process of the brain, and when natural patterns of nature are used in simple protocols to encourage the electric field of mind-body to return to its own Pristine Program, an efficient state of being is engaged.

In sports, peak performance is pushed at any philosophic cost, which can distort the physiology of young athletes.  Often, they are “loaded” by supplements and strange substances. Brain development and repair can be enhanced by controlling the emotional and logical content of experiences, while maintaining high activity of neuron-cells.

We must strive to get the user to reach a plateau of basic mental health creating a long-lasting and effective state of psychological and physiological optimal performance.

The HIKE system is a combination of psycho-physiological exercises and home-based bio-neurofeedback technology that, when used together, helps people create a state of still mind with access to universal inner knowledge, trained focus leading to an enhanced quality of life of self-regulation states of optimal and exceptional performance.