HIKE4evolution is a web-based global educational scientific-backed system that enables a fast pathway for human evolution. The online and in-person training process is aimed to achieve optimal performance by developing our highest potentials as humans. It works with a diverse array of cutting-edge biofeedback and neurofeedback processes, combined with ancient wisdom practices from around the world to promote a new level of sustained wellness with higher and efficient psycho-physiological functioning.

The system, known before as Inner Key, is organized in spirals of information, practices and tools that can be followed through an online multiplatform training method, as well as through personalized sessions, seminars and retreats at local or regional SER Centers, and affiliated venues.

HIKE4evolution combines new Western sciences with older Eastern teachings of visualizations, metaphors, breathing techniques, exercises and movements. It is a system developed through many years of research, experiments, and disciplined practice, since the late 1960’s. The evolving result of this work is what you are about to experience as you start “HIKE-ing”

Human Inner Keys for Evolution is an expansive, elevating, and empowering educational system. Its purpose is to promote and support both personal and human evolution–taking it from levels that are generally positive and functional to ones that are truly “exceptional” by today’s standards.  It does so by providing individuals (and their organizations) with powerful affordable, scientifically proven, cutting-edge tools, technologies, and learning systems that expand their psycho-physiological potentials considerably and elevate their life performance, success, and fulfillment to very high levels–regardless of their age.

In short, this system enables people to reach and enhance their highest performance capacities encrypted in their DNA, while maintaining health and wellness–a combination that makes “personal best” an attainable and sustainable goal.  It does so by enabling people to connect with their internal physiological centers to reduce stress, transform learned patterns, and create new inner pathways of self-harmony, effective, healthy functioning, and a sense of efficacy, self-validation, and success.  In this harmonious, empowered state it is easy for them to joyfully and peacefully interact with the world in their daily lives.

Mission: Educate human beings worldwide using science and ancient wisdom tools to promote evolution, embracing a better quality of life with integrity, efficiency, open hearts and minds for planetary peace with all living beings.

Vision: To establish the highest level of heart-mind-fields connection.



Honor the freedom and dignity of all life’s forms.

Educate to develop higher psycho-physiological functioning with self-sustaining wellness.

Act coherently daily, which sustains the impeccability of thoughtful intent, awareness, and creativity.

Recognize the right to choose ethical principles, using inner potentials and self-strength in harmonious ways with the environment.

Transform society and old inefficient paradigms through self-regulation, responsibility, and effective innovation.



Manifest peaceful freedom and joy for oneself and for all forms of beings.

Integrate awareness, intent, and each person’s unique gifts.

Natural spectrum of pristine proportions are recognized and used.

Develop a new living system by self-guiding wisdom.



Fractal seeds of consistent inner freedom.

Impeccable self-regulation in daily life becoming effortless.

Expand self-evolution beyond awareness.

Light of inner right time/place.

Discernment of primordial with pristine efficiency.

Sustain dimensionalities of progress by self-manifest the dynamic balance of matters-energies-forces.