HIKE4Evolution Disclosure
and Terms and Agreements

The processes, materials and practices contained within this website are Trademarked and are the intellectual property of HIKE4evolution. By utilizing the material on this website, you consent to the use of the materials and practices, and you agree to mai ntain them in privacy and to use them for your own personal development. In addition, you agree not to reproduce, or redistribute them in any form.

Courses, sessions (biofeedback and neurofeedback) and retreats are offered as coaching and training progra ms to optimize psychophysiology utilizing personal exercises, biofeedback, and neurofeedback technologies (at right timing), as well as other modalities to be determined on an individual basis. These training programs are not psychotherapy nor medical adv ice and are not intended to substitute for psychotherapy or medical advice. These coaching and training programs are intended to support the growth and development of students and are not appropriate for people with physical or mental illness. All practic es and processes are offered as methods for developing self – discipline and stress mastery, layer by layer. All engagement with materials on this website, during courses, sessions, and retreats are done so at the discretion and personal choice of students. All students of the HIKE4evolution system are responsible for their engagement, learning and growth, and hold harmless all teachers, mentors, and coaches of the HIKE4evolution system for results or progression in stress mastery development. All students an d practitioners of the system agree that educators, mentors, and coaches may discuss lesson plans and student progress within the team in order to support the development of optimal functioning in each student.