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HIKE4evolution is a methodology of learning how to learn information in innovative ways, with the purpose that data becomes easily absorbed and integrated by the physiological aspects of the physical body.

The common education in general is present in packets of information ready to be understood by the intellectual mind, and words are the principal tools to explain ideas.

HIKE4evolution goes beyond that narrow frame, and in base to modern scientific discovery opens humans perceptions by the order in the progress of assimilation of data, plus the interface with exercises and movements in short time of focused activity, and specific symbology, art practices, analogies, metaphors and storylines used as tools of self-regulation.  All these are different styles of learning to learn how to facilitate the personal creativity and can develop the entire spectrum that you want to BE.

Also, it is possible to tell that the Spirals of HIKE4evolution are one inner work of self-development that is enriched, in the right timing, by the possibility offered by scientific feedback signals.  When the efficient measurement of biological variation is bringing to the human attention, and correlates with the inner clime of personal life (emotions, memories, ideas, experiences, etc.), a new self-understanding is accessible to the participant, deep in meaning and powerful in expression, for now in front, a better quality of outcomes in daily life.

Data is presented in order is a principal secret of the HIKE4Evolution’s fast result, but please, order is never a ritual.   In analogy thought, any day that Olympic warriors go to the Gym they repeat training, yes!… but here are layers added, in each opportunity, of subtle information to the fundamental principles, which are building the structure of your new reality, as you want to BE.

The first quality of information offered is in a quality of focusing the attention on few phrases, some ideas, colors, background of the page, data intertwined with humor and clarity.

From that basic foundation of concepts, the process adds informative materials for the intellectual mind reading enough substance to enjoy the experience of being creative in self, and the system ALWAYS starting by Axis with the useful tool CATS of synesthetic sensory information (SSI).  This order allows you to draw your personal inner pathways on your dimensions biological and energetical with plenty of cooperation of the entire realms that you are.

Any being needs for survival warm light of nutrition, that are the sequence of practices teaching in the spirals as postural aware attitude –(3 legs), that at this time need to be developed as a daily ‘normal habit.’

The exercises –(sweeping-exchange) both need to be developed in total phase of perfect motricity cadence, and also the movement –(clock) need to be developed with open perception in the skin of your hands that ‘something’ is there, when you shining your second skin.

The metaphors –(safe place), are becoming your ‘refuge area’ where, in a short time of execution you can recover from the daily distress of life’s pressures.

Now in this second spiral it is asked that you practice the exchange exercise 7 to 12/14 minutes, 3 times per day ideally just before breakfast, in the early noon, and before sunset.  Now is time to recognize that some quality of energetic forces are integrated when this exercise is done with self-disciplined awareness.  And in the data that you receive here, will be added ‘details’ as location to store this new inner power, and other specific information that will open fast and healthy perceptions as you sustained your daily practices.

The minimum time that the psychophysiology needs on average for humans to collect efficient High Will, if in the first spiral the goal of fluid motricity with aware presence by 21 days of practice without interruptions was accomplished, is about another 21 to 60 days of doing exchange exercises.

Now gathering cords did in the bed before getting up needs to be developed as a natural outcome that your physiology does not think about it but just DOES it!… because it knows perfectly well it is for your healthy life.  The same for sweeping before to go to sleep, needs to be developed as a natural way to finish your daily activities because you “respect” yourself… and others.

In each spiral new layers of psychophysiological involvement will help to quickly develop self-regulation but ignoring the accomplishment of the basic required Gym repetitions, does not create the new muscle fiber one’s physiology needs.  How to know if that point is reached? The physiology always gives signals that one aware being, with real practices developed, will start to discover as subtle new data integrated in self.

Every spiral offers some bibliography that is suggested, is not an obligation to read, but is present as one possible fountain of more scientific real data for your information, in the chaotic and many times fake news of internet realm that eats humanity’s time, is something that never comes back.

Also, it is recommended to view audiovisual materials as series related to specific topics in the order of the learning process.   In the first spiral it was recommended to view the first 3 chapters “Cosmos: Odyssey of the space”.

Now, as S2-U-u1 it is asked that you advance at least to chapter 7 and to finish the entire series at the time you will practice Spiral 3.

Please, the images that are there will help you as ‘seeds’ to illustrate uncommon information…   if your minds observe aware and with real ‘intent’ to catch the message of the scientific and artistic development of ideas.  The socio-cultural education received for most human in these times, does not teach discriminative thinking, symbolic analysis, analogic ways to describe anything that is out of the narrow frame of human eye vision from red to violet.


Each topic of the spiral you know coming with a code of order. 

S2 meaning the material is part of the Spiral 2

A letter meaning these materials are asking to be learned first. They are classified as a1, a2, etc. to maintain easy the order, and as a general idea it is a convenient process in each letters-sessions the suggested right time/place to accomplish the sequence –example a1 is followed up by e1, and after by i1, etc.

E letter means these materials add data that expand your learning process.

I letter means these materials are specific to improve your self-regulation.

O letter means these materials will open perceptions in your possibilities of giving fast track to your purpose.

U letter meaning these materials are universal information that will help add layers of scientific approaches to your goals.

S2-A-a1 / a2.

S2-E-e1 / e2 / e3.





To gain the next spiral are two documents to be done after you’ve finished the materials learned in this spiral.

Intake form

Power Point: New psychophysiology with energies and cosmic forces.

You will write at least half page with your view of all explained in this PP, plus the personal ‘perceptions’ at the movements-exercises that now are mastery as motricity-cadence-easy flowing in you.


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