To be in peace, really be peaceful and promote peace with others, we have to know this state in us, and also know and connect with the subject we are bringing peace upon. Knowing implies a relationship, a liaison with that we are acquainted with. A connection needs to be established.

How do we really connect? What does it mean to be connected? How is this bond, union, link established or… rediscovered? You probably read, hear everywhere that everything in the Universe is connected. That we are ONE. But can you sense, feel this bond? Where in us does it happen? Is it in the brain, body, emotions, energetic or magnetic fields?

In Human Inner Keys for Evolution we are embarking in a journey to discover who and what we are. Also, what aspects of ourselves we can change to achieve an optimal unfolding of real inner freedom, a true state of inner peace that can positively affect everything around us to manifest real human evolution and planetary peace.

Who are we?

When we ask who we are, in certain respects, the answer to this question is obvious: I am a doctor, a dancer, an engineer, a teacher, etc. I am my personal history, my name, my profession. This however, limits us. It is not the whole truth. More than the sum of our titles, roles, and tangible forms, we are a composite of bodily dimensions.

The physical body is the molecular center. When harmonized, it is the vehicle for manifestation of the energetic and electromagnetic bodies.

The formative energetic body is the center or source of Chi (vital energy), emotions, and their transformation. When developed, it allows a human being to access universal wisdom, as well as lessons from his/her most poignant individual experiences through the ages.

The electromagnetic body is the center and axis of metabolic change, greatly influenced by gravitational forces. When this subtle field is intensified, it acts as a bridge for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual functions.

Many elements nourish humans. These include physical substances, energies, photon inputs, immersion in electromagnetic fields, information, and common sense.

Psychophysical exercises, tools and movements can help in the journey of transformation from physical and energetic realms into the meaningful awareness of mindful Being, that electromagnetic dancing Life Field, which you really are.

These exercises are acts of bringing into joyful play the art of building inner energetic bridges, which facilitate connections between the multi-dimensional human bodies. An attitude of having fun allows the neurochemistry to re-establish balance in a natural way.

To engage new paths in the physiology is hard work. Exercises involve intention and action. Optimal performance requires the best interactions between amplitude in the electric brainwaves and the quality of the chemistry circulating in the neuronal pathways.

Genuine laughter and feelings of joy are indispensable elements in overcoming old habits that drain our life energy.  The physical aspects are harmonized by stimulating motor areas plus the synergistic flow of happy emotions (i.e. neural-hormonal chemistry).

When our attitude is empowered by high intention and real self-regulation, we are able to accumulate and store specific qualities of energies. Exercises focus the will and help change it into what we call High Will. This new condition transforms our daily conflicts and contradictions into a more peaceful and joyful state. And much more. This is what we achieve with HIKE4Evolution. And we use what we have at hand: our own inherent tools.

In Spiral 1 you will start using parts of your body with a different purpose, and with an aware perception you will discover new areas that are also part of your multidimensional being. You will also establish a clear connection with Planet Earth, experiencing true serenity and peace. And spreading it all around!

by Dr. Liana Mattulich – Copyright ©

Extracted and adapted from HUMAN EVOLUTION – PLANETARY PEACE: The fastest track to a human race transformation to accomplish real peace in the world

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