The mission of HIKE4evolution (Human Inner Keys for Evolution) is to promote high performance in individuals from many fields such as business, politics, science, art, social-environmental organizations, entertainers and government agencies who—with integrity, efficiency and open hearts and minds—have the desire to improve their quality of life and promote peace on our planet.

By combining modern science-based technologies with timeless knowledge from enduring worldwide wisdom traditions, HIKE4evolution has developed practices and unique methods to assist people in enhancing high performance capacities while maintaining their own wellness—a combination that makes “personal best” sustainable.

Today, people around the world are very motivated to bring about positive changes for themselves, their families, their employees and their communities. We feel the need to support our greatest resource—motivated human beings—by optimizing their leadership capacities for self-sustention of energy, extreme creativity and visionary high intellect. Maintaining health, efficiency and personal happiness sets the foundation for innovative ideas and courageous solutions.

 Each of us is born with remarkable capacities–for wonderful health and vitality, great joy and happiness, exceptional focus and concentration, inspiring creativity and expression, outstanding performance and fulfillment, loving and supportive relationships . . . and more.  Sometimes we are able to reach real peaks in one or more of these areas–times of great exhilaration that bring us unbounded satisfaction and a deep sense of inner peace.

But life in our complex, fast-paced world often seems to conspire against our experiencing these great “gifts” as a matter of course.  Stresses and stressors of all kinds regularly intrude on this seemingly ideal way of living, sometimes without our even noticing.  Job demands, time and financial pressures, inadequate diet and exercise, harried schedules, air and noise pollution, relationship crises, social and cultural expectations, etc., etc. all deplete our energy, distort our view of life and ourselves, stress our minds and bodies, and diminish our sense of wellbeing.  Something inside of us shouts out, “There has got to be a better way!”  Yet our struggle to find and sustain this often yields only more stress.

Why?  Because “it”–that pathway to greater success and fulfillment – isn’t “out there” where we usually look for it.  Instead, it is inside us.  Moreover, we are born with it, and its potential is literally limitless.  Best of all, it is yearning to be rekindled, strengthened and expressed–which is exactly what the HIKE4evolution System and technologies are designed to help humans do.

HIKE4evolution consists of a diverse array of cutting-edge biofeedback and neuro-feedback processes, combined with widely accepted acupuncture, accupressure, oriental medicine, emotional release, and wisdom practices from around the world.

Together this unique combination of tools creates a powerful synergy within the mind/brain/body energy system that increases its capacity to function with greater alertness, vitality, and stamina.  These tools are easily accessible and beneficial to any student, no matter what their current level of self-regulation or psycho-physiological awareness is.

People are generally attracted because of the endorsements they hear about its effectiveness from friends and associates.  Also, because it is a scientifically proven system with cutting-edge tools and technologies, all of the branches in the learning system expand people’s psycho-physiological potential and significantly elevate their life performance, success, and fulfillment.

Together these changes enable people to connect with their internal physiological centers.  This, in turn, produces heightened self-harmony, effective healthy functioning, and a greater sense of efficacy, self-validation and success.

Because of its flexible, individualized format, the HIKE4evolution System welcomes teens through seniors from all walks of life as students.

This inner work can be accomplished in a very short time.  The total time to develop measurable changes in psycho-physiology with sustainable long term results in daily life is about 3 to 9 months of dedicted practice.